#346166 - Joy was enjoying her new fucker, her orgasm letting the other guys know she was getting fucked hard, then his balls let loose, his body jerking cum deep into her snatch, as others filled her mouth. Well it was later that year we met a guy who's house was open for us to use any time, and he loved the idea of big groups with us as the main show, so sadly the beach slowly gave way to a nice warm house with more scoup for kink, and oh boy, did we enjoy that. Once the guys knew we would do most any thing, more often there was a selection of dogs to fuck us both, as mid week was our normal day there, the guys told their friends and co workers about us, and it got out of control, one day almost 50 guys were hanging around, and 4 dogs, to many people to stay out of sight of people going by, so we changed to a differnt day, that way the numbers were around 10 to 20, and would not bring to much attention to what we got up too.

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