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#350514 - Before Akane could react she was sucking on the bloody tip of a sharp spit, DAD WATCH WHAT YOUR DOING!, IF I DIDN'T MOVE YOU WOULD HAVE HAD US BOTH ON THAT SPIT Akane screamed, Wow Akane that’s a good idea, why don’t you put the tip of the spit in your pussy and we will push it through you next Soan said, NO WAY Akane screamed and walked out of the room, That girl has an identity crisis, she don’t know what she wants Ranma thought to herself as Soan and Genma went back to work readying her for the fire pit, placing an anal stabilizer onto the larger spit they locked it in place and shoved the sharp tip of the spit up her anus, AGHMMMAMHHMMHHMHM was heard from Ranma as she tried to scream around the pole in her mouth. Before they realized it they were both in a sixty nine position enjoying the sweet juice coming from the other's pussy, many orgasm's were had by both by the time Genma called for Ranma, Ranma my boy, It's time to tenderize that girlish p

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