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#281595 - On the way home we would stop at the picnic site for sex one evening Sasha screamed and said someone looked in the van, l got out and asked the bloke what was he playing at when another bloke stepped out the bushes saying they had been watch me and my girlfriend then the pair explained the place was a dogging site, l didn’t know a thing about dogging and after enlightening me to what it is, l got quite turned on thinking they were watching me and Sasha. I got into the van and Sasha was quiet which was only to be expected after being fucked by two complete strangers, so putting my arm around her we kissed then l opened the glove compartment to take out a small box and gave it to her saying she was the perfect girlfriend, Sasha eagerly opened the box to see the chain l had brought her, she kissed me and coyly said ‘so l’m your girlfriend’, l reminded her to be my girlfriend she would have to do as l wanted. Leaning her onto the bonnet l raised her skirt and slid down her knickers the

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