#202963 - Facing him, she yelled over with the cigarette between her fingers, “ Now crawl to me like the animal you are!” Working up some will power, the man yelled back, “ Fuck you bitch, stop this shit!” Angered by his insubordination, Sally went into the bedroom and returned with a whip. Excited by the thought of hanging out somewhere, Sally eventually pulled her ford into the parkinglot of some old building. Reaching into the inner pocket of her coat, Sally pulled out a Luger, sticking the barrel to the side of his head, yelling,” Ok, motherfucker, you messed with the wrong chick!” Getting off his back, she slowly walked around his frame, standing eventually before his face.

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Mahiru koizumi
Thats a good girl
Had a girlfriend when i was just outta high school that had a body very much like hers