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(C68) [蒲焼屋 (鰻丸)] XLLL side H (トゥハート2) [英語]


Parodies: Toheart2 (44)
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#18400 - From beneath my skirt, my clit engorges and testicles form, growing out from underneath and forming into a thick, 11” cock which immediately begins to drip with precum. Soon, I feel pressure building in my loins “I think I’m about to cum!” I moan into her ear “wait!” she says, “I don’t know what affects your cum will have” “well we’re about find out!” I say as I make one last thrust before emptying my new balls into her “No Lucy! You shouldn’t have done th-” her words cut off as her eyes glaze over “you should’ve have let me eat it all up Mistress” she says as her eyes refocus, “What did you just say?” I ask, unsure what just happened, “I called you Mistress, unless you’d rather a different title?” Placing her on floor, “What happened to you?” Thinking for a moment, she responds “My best guess is that the formula causes your cum to have a mind-control effect. following my mistress into the bathroom, I remove her robe and begin the shower.

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Oh i totally agree with you
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Hot hentai and huge load nice
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