#49379 - The nylon felt smooth and soft in his hand, but Eric still couldn't decide whether he should get the white or pink ones. Jack smeared Eric's asshole with the rest of the Vaseline, and then proceeded to slide his thickness slowly into Eric's rectum, inducing Eric to moan loud and long as a mixture of pain and ecstasy filled his willing ass! The first few strokes were slow and measured, giving Eric's asshole a chance to get used to the massive invader, but when he thought he was ready, however, Jack began increasing the pace of his fucking, slamming his meat in and out of the tight little bung hole with frightening speed! By now Eric's moans had moved to near screams, and he pleaded with Jack to ram him harder and spray his ass with cum! At this point, if Eric had begged Jack to pull out, he wouldn't have had a chance, because Jack was on automatic pilot, as his climax raced through his hardon! Eric's asshole was on fire, and reached down between his l

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