#43913 - Lisa was now so close to orgasm she could almost taste it! Zoey sensing that this was it, flicked the little vibe to the high setting and watched in wonder as the pregnant woman's eyes nearly popped out of her head while a devastating climax literally shredded her poor pussy into confetti!!! Lisa was so shell shocked that she was unable to move even a muscle! Zoey turned off the breast pump and detached the suction cups from puffy nipples and then carefully removed the fat dildo from the red haired cunt! Thank you so much, Lisa managed to mumble softly, y-you don't know how much I need that! I think I do, Zoey said with a smile after putting everything back into her bag. My husband is a very busy man, and since I became pregnant. Zoey sat down on the couch next to Lisa and while gently caressing her round tummy asked, How may months are you along now? Ohhhhhh, about seven and a half, the overly ripe woman replied.

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