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#12618 - “That was the best – the most – you were – oh, God, Kelli, I don’t even know what to say! Like you said, awesome!” She smiled sweetly, and in that smile I saw something so indescribably beautiful that I knew what had begun in a sudden summer storm would never, ever end. At about 5'2 she was maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet; there wasn't an ounce of additional flesh on her petite but muscular frame -- except, as we grew (and I noticed!) for those two slowly emerging mounds on her chest. “We’ve got all summer left!” We slowly made our way back to the pool, and spent the rest of the afternoon floating on the water, kissing and occasionally fondling each other, until we heard her mom’s car coming up the driveway, and I went home wondering what we might discover tomorrow.

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Yozora mikazuki
Ive been watching your hentais since a long time and wanted to ask you where you live