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#59228 - . We had met on the web on a site that you put your picture and rated others on how sexy you thought they were, you had seen my pic on there and instantly hit ‘contact me’ I had looked at your picture and instantly hit it too, you were very attractive and there was no way I wasn’t going to click back to you and rate you a perfect 10 Finally we began to send e-mails to each other and then both having Yahoo messenger we began to use that to instant chat both of us saying how attractive we though the other was and getting to know each other It all escalated one day when I came online and you were on a web cam, it all started innocently enough, all you were doing was laid typing but as the conversation went on things went further, I lifted my shirt and showed you my breasts covered by a cream coloured bra, flashing you and making you very excited to see the magnificent breasts I had been concealing from your view for so long. You sink your cock deeply into me; the head pressi

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