#127313 - She reappeared within a matter of a minute, skipping childishly across our adjoining lawns, wearing a pretty little Pink lightweight summer mini-dress, no shoes on her feet, and when she saw me watching from my window, grinned at me and raised the hem towards her chin, I discovered – NOTHING ELSE! “Just come straight up … the door’s open” It sounded like a herd of Elephants on the stairs, and then she appeared at my office doorway. When I carried it back in and handed it to her' she had brought herself under control a bit and accepted with the glimmer of a smile. I’ve gone to my Mothers for a few days … the girls seem to listen to both of you better than me – you’ll all just have to cope without me” And with that she dashed back out of the house, leapt straight into her sporty little Red coupe, and wheel-span off up the road! ‘Fucking Hell … it’s midday … Andy won’t be home ‘til this evening if he’s not there now’ But then it occurred to me that their two daughters woul

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