#315406 - She had started her first lesson with Rachel’s class nervously, but this was all but ignored by Rachel, the teenager unexpectedly and immediately intoxicated by her incredible new teacher. She glanced nervously around the classroom to check that no one else had seen her looking at their teacher, and, to Rachel’s relief, all the other girls were hard at work on their reading project, their heads down. The mesmerised girl was unable to help herself; with her lust drenched eyes Rachel traced the fine curved profile of Miss Taylor’s bent behind down into her thigh, the teenager following the unbroken slenderness of her sensual curves down her long, elegant legs with her gaze.

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Chizuru mochizuki
Yes pov facial and say something in english so i know it s real lol but the spanish talk does it everytime
Mai mizusaki
Love that bounce
Sasami sasasegawa
Muito bom demais