#291356 - OH IAM CUMMING IAMM CUMMING I cried as I spurted all over the bath and floor, I had my ath and went home and pasted out total satisfied, I kept my end of the deal I looked after the dogs when ever he asked I still let them fuck me sometime just one, some time both and something Paul tell his wife he is sick and stays home and I fuck all three of them at once. Night before the last day I school I had a dream about what we had planed for the next night, it made me flash back to ray and my encounter but in this dream we went all the way, he fucked me, it felt so real I could felt everything I woke up have a screaming orgasm and Cumming in my panties. My 11th birthday Ray and Melissa took me out to dinner ray drank about 15 cans of rum and cola and took four little pills they were purple and had the letter E on them what’s that I questioned its for my headache ray quickly replied, Melissa had her little bad girl grin on, same grin as when she is horny looks like I won’t get any sle

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