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(COMIC1☆02) [ARESTICA, (有子瑶一)] ROYAL CLUB (コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ)


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#14490 - the war was over a box with unimaginable power that it could destroy a solar system in a matter of seconds and still have power left over too destroy the rest of the galaxy. in the other lab Jack had woken up and now was in a room with a mirror or at least he thought it was a mirror a door on one of the walls and a bed in the other corner, Jack was about 6ft 11 he was tall he also had black hair but it was cut short but he was ripped you could see muscles that you didn't think were possible as Jack walked over to his bed the door behind him opened and a guy came in he look like he was high up in the chain of command but their was something that Jack did not like about him it was as if the man was their to use Jack to win wars or something else. when Lucie was about to try and get out of the table the door in front of her opened and a man the looked like he had drunk one to many beers came thought with a few other people that looked like they were dressed in medieval clothing.

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