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#38319 - “Oh how rude of me, your question,” Ariela smirked, “from what I gather she came here to marry me to gain power and as a token of appreciation she informed me that there are a couple of traitors in my midst who are trying to break you out,” she squinted her eyes some, reading his silent reaction. Guards!” the Queen’s guards who had escorted them here stepped into the room, prompt, “Would you please assemble an honour guard for the lovely Princess Sophia?” One of the guards glanced at his companion before electing to speak, “Of course my Queen, for what purpose?” Ariela for a moment thought about vaporizing the guard for questioning her motives, but a more sensible part of her understood he was likely just asking so he could assemble a guard fit for whatever duty it would be. “You going to be a good girl and swallow his load, Princess bitch?” Ariela whispered, grinning, knowing she had no choice.

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I dont understang german but i totally understood the environment and that got me off so good
Sakie satou
Amazing clip
Mike zacharias
She got an incredible body incredible legs too