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#373410 - you know full well what it was for Secretly hermione had a crush on Draco but she never told anyone but ginny about it a  because she felt sure ginny wouldnt blab as she had confessed that she liked him a bit as well and b because they all hated him but she liked a bad boy. What do you think about inviting snaps Pansy always orgasms about six times before him and he has a huge supply of morning after potions for all his slytherin bitches  I'm not sure but if you want Draco I'll do it for you Ok oh and Ill invite all the other boys in my year and the top ten hot girls But Draco I'll never pleasure them all I'll faint with the power of all those orgasms Do all girls not have pussies and besides I'm going to ask proffesor snape to bring his special homebrew potion it let's you keep all stamina after multiple orgasms the only problem is our cocks still go soft each time I might be able to help with that you see mcgonnagal gave me special privalages

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