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#390122 - i tried to lay still as i didn´t know who was in my room, when I heard my daughter say, see ´´see I told you her ass was big just like it is in the photos I showed you´´…her boyfriend replayed yes it is and it looks so sexy……makes me wanna see more of it he said, ……my daughter went on to tell him about the photos she found of me naked and playing with myself…she told him that I had a very hairy pussy with big lips, …. my daughter asked him why he never shot out that much cum on her ass ???? he couldn´t answer her, he was at a loss for words, she said come on to my room we can watch the video so you can get hard and fuck me then, she rubbed the cum in to my ass and pulled my panties back up as they left my room The next morning it was sort of strange at breakfast with both of them , a few days later they both came home with somethings to BBQ and some beer, we had a nice afternoon, since it was hot out I had a tank top and shorts on, with no bra my 85c boobs were pressed against the t

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