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#18214 - You started to describe what you were going to do to me when you got home. You smile and flick your tongue over my clit, holding me down as I jerk upwards, then you ask again, are you sure you wanna cum for me? Before I can answer you say, So tell me baby, who does this little wet pussy belong to? It belongs to you daddy, it's all yours I gasp as I wriggle around under your arm, but you're too strong and have no trouble holding me still as you say, tell me again baby. We'd spoken on the phone everyday but it wasn't the same as being together and we were both frustrated and horny as fuck! Remembering 2 nights ago on the phone, you started telling me how much you were missing having me beside you in bed, touching me whenever you wanted to, but mostly how badly you missed tasting my sweet little pussy.

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Chie sasaki
So are one of you or both of you from louisiana i noticed the tat and lsu pants in a different hentai
Ikki tenryou
How the fuck can she have such beautiful eyes