#242449 - He had a wife and two kids He had a blue Mazda He had a corned beef on pumpernickel And some cheesy elbow macaroni for lunch He had a 34 inch waist He had red BVDs He had an ingrown toenail He had a good idea Of who was banging his wife on Tuesdays And sometimes Thursdays He had a Rolex Perpetual Air-King Self-winding waterproof watch He had a Frank Zappa CD in the car He had a tendency to pandiculate in public He had to take a leak He had a slight headache He had a slight boner He had opened up a Pandora’s box and mawed her musky mound as she moaned and mewed like a puss warm in its fine contentment He had a couple or twenties and some change He had long sideburns He had a bromide He had a wife and two kids fin. never wore big droopy drawer trousers Flapdoodle She’s got a scaly dry itch psoriasis elbow Flapdoodle The wing nut flummadiddle Lesbo space bat Flapdoodle She’s folding you an origami swan

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No te rasures y haz un hentai del misionero pero que se te vea bien esos pelos