#412828 - My dick fully hard still but he did not leave much room to talk he said I have to go for dinner and kissed my cheeck said o ya camping out in you back yard saterday ok still in shock by what was all happening so fast I just said ya then he was gone. I had always kinda like seth but you could tell he was into girls so what came next got me blind sided befor I knew what was going on my soft penis was in his mouth being vigorously sucked and licked it did not take but half a second for my little mostly hairless penis to be hard as a rock the feeling was unimaginable my back was arched almost like a bridge and my body was tight. When I got home my dinner was too done I ate in 2 seconds and went to my room all I could think of was him all I could smell taster was him I wanted him as much as a person with food wants it.

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Rinne inaba
Love a tight bod
Yumi araigi
Beautiful girl so sweet