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#233921 - I looked at him and asked him why he did that he didnt say anthing he just looked at me when i tryed to get up he pulled me back down but this time he kisses me long and hard i didnt no what had gotten into him or me for that matter but i liked it for some odd reason. After awhile he started to rub my hips and my sides slowly going under my shirt he put his left hand under my shirt as well as his right, as he tryed to unhook my bra i pulled away is this what you really want scott look at us we are best friends what happends if im not good enough or you dont like it or want me anymore? ohh but i do sara i have wanted this since the day i set eyes on you he went back to kissing me he undid my bra and took it off as i lifted my arms he slid my shirt off never before has scott seen me with out my clothing on as he took my shirt off he kept his eyes closed.

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Can someone provide me a link to more hentais of this girl please thanks if ya can
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