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#16004 - Normally I can pull away from Sue when she fucks me with this one, but here I was at her mercy now, and she was in pay back mood, slamming into me as hard as, after 2 or 3 anal cum’s with the big one I have to stop, but I couldn’t, she pounded me relentlessly, my cock dribbling cum, my arse on fire, but in a strange way my mind was loving it, The mouth on my cock was being filled with cum, not a cock cum, but so much feeling from my anal cum’s makes my cock leak lots of pre cum, then she slammed me harder still, I was trying to say stop, but my mouth was full of man meat, twice now the cocks had filled my mouth too, then I went wild, anal cum after anal cum, seemed to flow quickly through my body, all my nerve endings tingled, my cock sprang up, I nearly bite the cock in my mouth in two, as the biggest anal cum ever shot through me, It was fantastic, I shook squirmed and cum heaps, pretty sure I blacked out to, as I lost control, When I realised, my arse was empty, I started to

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Ryuuji furuya
I want you just your hand tho
Ernie from sesame street has never been the same since he discovered rap and weed