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#295026 - If the worst comes to pass for you Korra ten the water will disappear and the diamond shards will turn to dust I finished sadly but with affection I-I, thank you, but where will we get diamond shards? she asked inquisitively Here I began as I pulled out a small diamond that captured the light and reflected it in a multitude of colours across he cave walls as the sun began to set on the world casting a purple and orange light across the world How did you get this? she asked In a shocked tone It was the last thing my sister Kyoshi gave me before she passed away I replied sadly as I took her hand opening it and pressed it into it gently, I can't Rai, this means too much to you! she replied in a reluctant yet grateful tone It's yours now Korra I said in a caring tone as she cupped her hands resting the diamond in their centre staring at it in shock and awe. And then as many people know we were discovered by Katara and Sokka who saved us bo

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