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#358331 - One lunch time we were all sat down taking a break, Tina and Rick were talking even though their conversations were frosty. There wasn’t room in my van to fuck her and we didn’t have time to go to my place so l had to be satisfied with shooting my load over her hand and after a quick clean up l asked if she would like to meet at my place the next afternoon even though she’ll be in uniform, l parked a little way from her house, before she got out the car Karen winked and said she’ll see me the next day. On the way home we would stop at the picnic site for sex one evening Sasha screamed and said someone looked in the van, l got out and asked the bloke what was he playing at when another bloke stepped out the bushes saying they had been watch me and my girlfriend then the pair explained the place was a dogging site, l didn’t know a thing about dogging and after enlightening me to what it is, l got quite turned on thinking they were watching me and Sasha.

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Aoi zaizen
Very nice licking
Itsuki kazama
Whos the girl in the blue