#69149 - As I fumbled and struggled Unbutton this, unzip that why tisn’t it free – damn I hadn’t unbuckled Then it sprang out big and proud I wondered why I hadn’t plowed The damsel called whore It wouldn’t have been that hard chore Grasping I began a pumping Up and down with force just like humping I thought of her mouth Warm and inviting she had been just to my south She could have done throat deep and sucked Or perhaps by chance I could have done the face as puss and just fucked It hard to understand the mysteries of my mind There are few of my kind Never in the here and now do stay Always away with my mind away And now I just have my hand This is just not that grand I whished I had done the humping In her twat I could have been thumping Deep and hard then fast and furious In out in out it could have been injurious Now I must make my on cum But don’t think I’m a bum Then my bird so noble Came and watched me do a Chernobyl All over I spurted He thought me qu

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