Bare Bitchiyuri - Accel world Gozo

(サンクリ56) [SEM;COLON (蜜キング)] ビッチユリ (アクセル・ワールド)


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#82381 - . 02 seconds left on the clock resulting in 2-1 win over BU but enough about that the story continues in Chris's end of freshman year after hockey season ended and Chris was workin through the summer his boss usually let him use the truck Chris inherited abunch of tools from his father and always had them on his jobs there was a peculiar job in Saugus that Gina and Chris were needed at so they took their notebooks and their measuring tapes since they figured at first they didn't need anything but some hand tools so Chris borrowed his mothers car and drove from east Boston to Saugus which is about 20min away they arrived at a very large mansion belonging to a widow who needed some work done thy pulled up to the security gates and identified themselves and were told to head to the entrance to the garage to their amazement it wa an underground garage parked next to a 1961 Pontiac GTO in mint condition bothe gawking at the car were interupted by an abrupt throat clearin wich brou

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