#375640 - But sometimes I dress them slutty then it is a short short dress, or a shorter miniskirt, and a halter top, with knee high boots, that have high heels on them, the miniskirts are leather, and so is the halter top and boots, when I dress them like that they have to wear their slave collars, and we go out to the woods, and I attach a leash to them, we have hired a full time nanny, so I can take my girls on these excursions. baby girl, we named her Katie Sue after both of their middle names, now my Daughter Candy is pregnant, she took off her birth control patch and put a placebo on so I though she was still on her birth control, she wants her Daddy's baby, they both belong to me, but we went out of state and my Daughter changed her last name to her mother's maiden name, I can't marry both of the girls so Raven is my wife, and since Candy changed her last name, I adopted her, nobody knew she was my biological daughter I moved here after she went to the convent, and my ex-wife wanted not

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