#279904 - “Ensign there better be a very good reason for you to be here” Ensign Philips didn’t have a good reason for being in the officer’s lounge, he felt his heart dropping down to his combats boots “Turn around when I’m talking to you Ensign” Ensign Philips slowly turned around, his shoulders sagging slightly in defeat, when he saw who confronted him, he forgot all about the real reasons for being here, in fact he basically forgot about everything “So Ensign, what the hell are you doing here in the Officers’ Lounge?” Captain Jean Harigan, the only female officer on the ship and not only is she the only female officer on the ship, she’s one of the hottest females that Philips have ever seen and the leather uniform she wore showed off her assets more than covered them up “Cat got your tongue Ensign?” She walked closer, the uniform clinging to her body started to arouse him, it has been three years without a woman and jerking off just doesn’t cut the bill when you’re confronted by a livi

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Omg amazing skills fantastic
Victorique de blois
Damn they should make a version like russian roulette where one of the guys has an std or all of them or the girl