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#266729 - While this was going on Mary and Tiffany showed up but without Alex, I asked what had happened to Alex and Tiffany said he was being used by a family with 4 teenage sons as their bottom boi fucktoy. o. Kronis put his paws on each side of the bench and started stabbing at her with his cock, when Alice reached down and guided his cock to her pussy, at first he pushed about 4 inches in then he pushed all 9 in at once, and began to fuck her with total unabandament, that dog was like a jack hammer, fucking her pussy, then ever so slowly you could see the knot forming up and Kronis went all the way in to his balls and the knot formed up in her locking the two of them together as he continued to fuck her.

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Rindou kobayashi
Love this woman
Setsuna kiyoura
Fuck that tongue ring is so sexy