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#211541 - dogs walk on four legs,,, and i want to see that tail wag Bitch,!!! Slowly i crawled towards her, trying to swish my new tail and ,thinking i would be smart, nuzzling her between her legs when i got to her, licking up the inside of her thighs, smiling, until she slapped me away, No sooner as she slapped me she grabbed my collar and clipped on the lead that we walked Tiger with, then tied it to the table leg, Filthy Bitch she yelled,, if you feel horny I will get Tiger to lay with you,, Huh you want that Bitch. i knew she was devising something to punish me. What's that you are wearing you slack Bitch, her hand held the remote, and my heart sank.

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Urashima kotetsu
Abby rose
She looks like a busty amber gunst here nice
Rem ayanokouji
Thanks babe