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#309834 - He stood, and bent her over the back of the bench, the line was very short now, and he knew he would have to finish using his toy soon, he dropped his pants to his ankles, and slowly wrapped his hands around the girl’s neck, and began to squeeze, while he slid his cock into the girl’s pussy, which was very wet, especially for someone who was fearing for her life. A moment later, she began to struggle, pulling at the chain, to no avail, when this attempt proved fruitless, she tried swimming up towards the surface, but the tank was too deep for her head to pass above the surface of the water, only the tips of her fingers peeked out with her chained to the floor, with that the last of her oxygen was depleted, and the girl went limp, the game directed looked to Joel for an indication of whether or not she would be saved, seeing as there was still time to save her from drowning. 25$ each) So I’ve finished rambling, send me a DM if you’re interested in a commission, and enjoy the story!

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