#364856 - She looked over her shoulder at me. Now John's Mum was a MILF, I think the same age as my Auntie Helen, about 33, she was curvy and a little bit large in some areas and she had some big tits, I couldnt even begin to guess what size they were but both my hands would barley cover one, she answered the door in a dressing gown, which she was still tieing up as she opened the door Hi is John in? I asked as polite as I could trying hard not to stare at her body, which before I had never noticed but since losing my virginity had become a huge attraction to me. I was stunned, I couldnt believe they went camping without me, the bastards, although deep down I knew it was my fault becuase I was spending so much time with Carla, but that meant his mUm was home alone.

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