#161993 - ” he said softly I let out a giggle I kissed him more, and move raping his mouth with my tongue I wanted his dick in my mouth I love to suck dick, and I was good at it too or so my boyfriend says I pushed him off and got on my knees faster then he got me on the counter I ripped his pants off and his cock hit me in the face damn he was big I’d say maybe 8 or more I tounge the shit out of his dick edging him further into an orgasm I lick the tip like it was an Ice cream cone “OH FUCK”! He moaned in pleasure “that feels amazing your good. Finally made it to the street and drove up to the side walk, park my car, and got out this pizza was burning my arm it was so hot. My body was oozing with cum his and mine oh this was amazing I thought.

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