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#392048 - Oh, no, Belinda groaned to herself, not now, please not now, I don't have time for this right now!!! But no amount of pleading or denial would change the basic facts, she was a lesbian fem who although she lived alone and all of her lesbian friends were fems, once every two or three months the uncontrollable urge to be taken by a bull dyke and just plain be dominated!!! When the urge struck her, her frilly panties would be drenched with a flow of pussy juice that was almost overwhelming!!! She looked at the clock on her office wall and commented, Shit, still two hours to go until five, as she dabbed the sweat from her forehead, please, clock go, she pleaded!!! The bar was so dark that is took Belinda a few seconds to let her eyes get used to its dimness! She wished desperately that she didn't had to come here, it was such a dive, but it was the only place she knew of where she could get quick relief for her problem, so instead of stopping at the bar, she made a bee li

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This made me bust an uwu
Noriko nijou
Geil wie der glatzensau die maulfotze gefickt wird
Aiz wallenstein
Yeah what that guy said it all takes practice and practice takes time sometimes it takes a lot of time but eventually you will be good be patient
Rindou kobayashi
Wow wow wow shes hot