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#35890 - She agreed only because she needed some money for her car since she was fifteen and turning sixteen in a month mr and mrs martins were going on an anniversary trip to the bahamas they said only needed to babysit from two to ten their grandparents were babysitting them in the morning and she would arrive and babysit them until they went to bed but the part that caught her ear was that they would pay fifty dollars a day she quickly agreed and said she would be there at one thirty just giving her some time to masturbate she slowly led her hand down to her shorts then unbuttoned her short so her hand had some room to play around she crescendoed her rhythm finally she let out a yelp and moaned as she reached her orgasm she was the most beautiful girl in school with her streaked blond hair her tall lean sexy body her breasts which were the star of the show well at least according to the guys half of whom shed had sex with she quickly stuffed a play boy magazine in her purse so she could stay

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