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#72158 - In the morning Glenda & Susan tied me to the bed & went off into town shoppng for me, when they came back they untied me & dressed me in pants,bra,suspender belt & stockings,black high heels,put some false tits in the bra & did my makeup & put a wig on me,there you gothey saidyou look very sexy for us now,i looked at myself in the mirror & was shocked at how they'd made me look,they stripped off to their underwear & told me to walk around for their approval,patting me on the arse as i went past them,come downstairs with us nowsaid Glenda,we went into the lounge & there was a selection of sex toys laid out on the coffee table,sit down dear nicely dear & watch us pleasure each othersaid Susan as she took off her pants & picked up a vibrator & put it up her fanny,Glenda picked a butt plug,pulled her pants to the side & pushed it into her arse & sat next to me & watched Susan masturbate,Glenda told me to stand up & pull down my pants, i did as she said & she bent me over the

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