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#263282 - I pulled a blanket out of a backpack, spread it on the trail right there and pulled him down on it and our lips and tongues met in a furious firestorm of pure passion , I pushed him on his back and grabbed his feet and rolled him back throwing his knees over his shoulders, Tommy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he was pinching both his nipples, screaming at me not to stop . I then said boldly “ hey, why don’t we take off our shorts and hike awhile naked with just our shoes and backpacks on, Tommy of course said what a great idea, it is just too hot to be wearing clothes today, As we took off our shorts , I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear and had no hair down there at all, even I had a couple of hairs by now, I commented how I shouldn’t have worn underwear either because of the hot day. I am not into guys per say, but I was always into Tommy’s gorgeous body, so this had me very sexually excited, I returned the favor all the while admiring his smooth tan skin and his hard

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