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#301905 - Hers are soft and full, he massages them with his own, even taking a moment to tease by lightly biting down on her bottom lip, until finally he feels her tentative lick, and he moans hungrily, fisting a hand in her hair and tightly gripping her hip with the other. He feels that she is already clenching around his fingers as he pushes them in and out, searching, for that ever so sweet of a spot, when at last she shudders and moans, manically crying out, Please; don't stop! and he just chuckles darkly to himself and quickens the pace, plunging those two fingers into her again and again, harder, deeper. Then without warning he growls for her to, Face the wall! and she cries out as he doesn't even give her a chance to comply, instead spinning her around himself and pressing the full weight of his chest into her back, keeping her still as she utters pathetic whines of protest and squirms her hips around, pushing her round ass up and out against his concealed erection, but not making any r

Read Bucetuda Boku ni SeFri ga Dekita Riyuu - Original Gay Shaved Boku ni SeFri ga Dekita Riyuu

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