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#313765 - He whisperd again Are you a virgin? I shook my head, my legs went weak, and he was now pulling on my already erect nipples, are you on the pill again i shook my head, and he pinched my nipples even harder, he then turned me round to face him and ased me Have you seen many cocks befor Wendy? i nodded my head, a few, i whisperd, he then moved me back till my legs hit his bed and i fell back into a sitting position, my head directly in line with his pants still covring his cock, do you want to see mine? he asked My eyes went straight to where his hand was holding his cock through his pants, I nodded in anticipation, Well please dont laugh, he said, some girls have laughed at it befor and that hurts me, so i haveto hurt them,,, It didnt seem to sink in what he had said, i didnt react or answer, he grabbed my chin firmly and pulled it up so i was looking at his face Did you hear what i said? almost demanding an answer, Yes i heard you as i twwisted my face away from h

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Christine garland
I would love to hold that ass and fuck you doggy
Yutaka hasebe
Hahaha great hentai but 21min is not that quick hahaha congrats