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#68138 - starting at your ankle up your leg brushes pass your pussy, rubbing gently, then back down the other leg* Kelly: moans and physically relaxes Kelly: shivers lightly Scott: *you feel your pussy lips spread apart and another clamp set upon your swollen clit, you can tell the tension isn't set as hard as the others but still quite hard* Kelly: jumps then settles down Scott: *A whip made of rubber starts hitting your erect nipples. * Kelly: moans a lil and tries to relax a bit more Scott: *the vibrating increases as the pumping gets faster* Say when love Kelly: moans loudly feeling herself start to build towards orgasm trying to meet the object in her Scott: *A hand grabs your boob and starts massaging it* Kelly: moan louder my body getting rosy with excitement and starting to glisten as I get closer Scott: *The clamp is removed from your clit and is replaced with a mouth. no.

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Izumi sakurai
Very sexy and ur feet look sexy more of ur feet also
What to be this guy