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#391491 - Walker and I have one more request of you!!! Anything you ask of me, I will do my best to comply, Marie replied!!! Well, Audra went on, we both feel that since you are like a daughter to us, we want you to start calling us mommy and daddy, is that okay with you!?! The young blonde, with tears streaming down her face, threw her arms around Audra's neck and gushed, Oh, mommy and daddy, thank you for making me your little girl!!! What it looked like was a leather jock strap with a special opening for the vibrator, so Audra helped her daughter step through the leg openings and then carefully pull it up to her crotch until the vibrator was pressing gently against her vaginal opening!!! So far so good, Audra said softly, okay now, honey, let's slowly insert the vibe into your vagina, good, now how does that feel!?! Even though it was just a relatively thin cylinder of plastic and only three inches or so of it were inside of her pussy, Marie made a slight gasp while

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