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#321393 - She was soft to feel and now I was so Horney my dick was hard, this was so much fun, now that I had her on the bed I rolled her to the middle hoping she wouldn’t fall out of bed , seeing her lay there exposed like that was such a turn on I wanted to take her panties off and see her pussy but was so scared . So now I finally got Mom into bed, and with her panties down so far and seeing her hair I just got to see more of her pussy hair now as my excitement grew more every minute with Mom passed out laying there in panties and no bra it was awesome. But she wasn’t waking up and so far I could shove 2 fingers into her so why not try some Licking? So I just moved forward into her crotch and when my tongue touched her pussy lips all wet and sweet it was like the first candy I ever had or Ice cream It was so good I started licking very lightly and mom was moaning as I pressed my tongue harder into her I was felling a bump on her pussy while licking and she would move a lot when I licke

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