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#114068 - The second I walked into the hospital, I heard a voice say, “Ah, you must be Mr. My mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Ok ill see you guys at home, and son try not to hurt yourself anymore, I don’t think I can stand anymore worrying. I got up and started to head to the convenience store down the street from the school, I was half way there when I saw a truck roll on its side and hit the cement wall, I flipped my phone and hurried and called 911 and told them there was an accident, I then ran and I saw a guy in there un consciousness I slowly pulled him out, I got him to a safe distance when I ran back to see if there was anyone else in there, before I could get away I felt a mist start to spray on my, and then I realized something; I looked at the truck and it said, “toxic waste.

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Mako mankanshoku
Love the camera angle you really fucked her good you mind giving me feed back on our new vid
Yuki tokita
Trained in various protocols a lover of bondage creative talents such as poetry and a writer of song lyrics from twisted to love
Ookami mio
Like if you wanna stretch my little asshole