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#352348 - I could resist no longer now, Shelly had developed a wet patch in her silky panties and my cock was as hard as iron so I gently pulled her panties down revealing her gorgeous arse to my gaze and her wet shaven pussy to my fingers and cock. When she eventually stopped shuddering I turned her over and after lubricating my cock I pushed it into her arse and fucked her as hard as I could till I exploded deep in her bum hole shooting what felt like gallons and gallons of thick creamy cum till I was totally drained. So moving down to her lovely wet shaven pussy I started to lick and suck on her clit as I wriggled the butt plug around in her succulent cunt; it only took second to get her off and this time she had multiple orgasms that seemed to go on for ever.

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Anko mitarashi
Simply amazing
Such a hot fuck made me so damn wet