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#380877 - 5 inches the reason I know that is because I had a girlfriend who wanted to measure it but that’s another story. When I took them off there were gobs of silvery white goo in them so I decided to put some on my fingers and lick it. Then I got into some weird stuff where guys would put a finger in their ass and jerk off until they came.

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Karan uminagi
Bitch knows her way around a cock got him hard got me hard
Thats what i like
Yasuna kamiizumi
Why is this so fucking long
Chitose karasuma
Me hu na chod ke chut suja dunga teri
Kamome sengakuji
Cure blossom | tsubomi hanasaki
Answering captainrrr we shot this at a rooftop swinger party thrown by the trapeze club in florida