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#178549 - I felt Dustin shove 1 last time and I felt the cum squirt in my ass, filling me with his seed. Well it was summer break, myself being 14 at the time. After a bit i fell asleep and woke up feeling a hand go into my shorts, I kept my eyes closed pretending to stay asleep, knowing it was wrong but my 5 inch cock started getting hard again, his hands were rubbing me and touching my balls, it felt good having another person touch me, his hand started stroking my cock making me more excited, feeling scared at the same time, but it felt so good, I pretended to stay asleep while he started jacking me off, I started to call him Angela, his friends name and i reached over to grab his ass, i just rubbed it and tried to pull him to me.

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Aoi kiriya
Perfect body that the mask you have
Kagerou imaizumi
You know how to suck a cock babe loved it