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#220394 - AHCP - cuddle party A. Only women can invite a man to the mood rooms 15 min max This was brought by the young blonde we had seen earlier as she escorted me to an empty chair she then proceeded to climb in my lap and tracer fingers on my chest and shoulders as I read the details in the paper , I then looked across the room and saw Ginger Talking to the senior librarian cinnamon who I also had a familiarity with She had great curves to but was almost a head taller than Ginger they were touching and hugging now and began walking to where I was the blonde hopped off and knelt to my left Cinnamon knelt to my right and Ginger sat on my lap I felt more a sultan Then anything else ,Cinnamon Then proceeded to fill us in on the history of this party It had been going on for almost a decade and started out with just two couples the main room was for relaxing and cuddling There were a couple of side rooms that only the women could invite the men into if she deemed for a little adult version of

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