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#49223 - But then she surprised me as she started having an orgasm and she came more than I would have thought. I showed Rachel to the bath room and started running the water for her and got a couple of towels, as I was about to leave her she said, “I cant have a bath on me own” I asked why not, “Me mam is frightened about me drowning, she nearly did when she was little and now she stay’s with me and helps me wash” “You should be alright” “No please, you’ll have to stop with me” I explained it wouldn’t be right but I could tell she was really concerned about bathing on her own, so I told her I would stop with her. She asked if I was going to have sex with her again, I couldn’t say, in a way it was down to Rachel, she might not want to, but if she did, I wouldn’t say no.

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