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#6089 - 04-13-10. I met a girl who walked the street, I have to say she really looked sweet, Tight skirt of leather and lace, Long hair framed a pretty face, Didn’t take much more than a glance, To realize I wanted to get into her pants, Next time I saw her walking by, I chugged my beer and went over to say ‘Hi,’ She asked me if I wanted to go out, What she did for a living, there was no doubt, Just to make sure there is no misconception, I normally don’t pay, this was an exception, The girl looked so fine and seemed so nice, I figured she might be worth the price, So I headed home in a mad dash, Reached into a drawer and grabbed some cash, I went back and grabbed her by the hand, Fully expecting a one night stand, The first time we rented a room, It was quick, just ‘bing, bam, boom,’ But we started meeting here and there, It soon becoming a regular affair, Got to a point where it was ‘What the heck?’ I should just sign and give her my check, But this girl could really

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Echo turbine
Whoever fucks her is the luckiest guy in the world
What is her name
Monjirou shioe
Once i walked into my best friend and he was hard like that wish i had the courage to suck him