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#418519 - I didn't appreciate that as chief I was expected to take a wife from each of the three main families but it was no hardship, and indeed it was now almost nine months since I had married them in a single moving and entirely meaningless ceremony, I had re christened them, Ann, Beatrice (Bea), Celia, A,B,C you see, as their tribal names were unrepeatable, certainly I couldn't get my tongue around them, but we soon had a great rapport growing, and seeing their happines I was quickly approached by other concerned fathers of girls reaching marriageable age and so my household had grown to six wives Daisy, Eve and Fanny having joined me in matrimonial bliss and fairly soon the swelling of their bellies was an indication six children would soon join them. Those savages! she snapped, Eve knew enough English to be hurt. Daisy said, I looked at her, she was a sweet girl, but no one wold say she was beautiful, quite often I closed my eyes when I screwed her and dreamed it was Ch

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