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#3779 - John and I both started laughing before big boy giggled then pecked me on the cheek and said “Thanks Maam, that was awesome” and waddled off towards the carpark just like that! I was shattered and so was John so we quietly walked back to our cabin and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion and were soon cuddled up asleep. I lifted my knees back as far as I could and it was feeling nice and unrushed for a change, as a matter of fact there was a possibility I might actually cum before him, he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and the other kid knelt down and sucked the other one and I knew I was going to cum but then I felt cum squirting up inside me and came anyway, this one was a long slow gentle orgasm and when he pulled out and John slid into me my orgasm just kept rolling along, as I stared into his eyes and urged him to go slowly I kissed him passionately until Johns cum joined the others deep up inside me. We had our lunch and a swim then spent the afternoon sunbaking

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